What's Wbirthdays?

Specially designed for Apple Watch.

Intelligent app with countdowns. 

Directly accessible via Watch Faces. 

* * * * *


Select Wbirthdays for watch face.

Touch Wbirthdays icon.

Show birthdays with photo.

Show progress indicator for birthday

on the Watch Faces.

* * * * *


The awesome lists with photo.

Today's birthdays: 

Name and Day of the week 

in red with party emojis.

Birthdays this week:

Day of the week in purple.

Time countdown:

Birthdays within 24 hours.

Day countdown:

Countdown number of days 

for all birthdays.


Touch screen 2 times: 

Switch between the lists.

* * * * *

Download Wbirthdays 

Start App Store app on Apple Watch.

Download: Wbirthdays

Download via iPhone paired with Apple Watch.


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Wbirthdays & QsCalendar

Wbirthdays app works also standalone,

it shows information on the Apple Watch timely.

Get the most uit of it with QsCalendar app, 

QsCalendar manages all contacts awesome easily.

QR - code of QsCalendar