It's a system app for iPhones & iPads 

with awesome & powerful inventions.

Created for more than billion devices around the world.

Created for all devices supported by Apple.


Designed for everyday to enjoy

Designed for birthdays and celebrations

30 languages, 60 countries and more

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QsCalendar is the contacts photo album 

of the address book.

Touch on contact photo 

to access the contact details:

phone calls, video calls and iMessages.

 The advanced features of 

QsCalendar are awesome. 

The contacts are shown with contact photo

 in the search view and in the birthday view.

It's designed to connect very easily 

with all contacts.

The contacts between app and 

own iOS devices are synced automatically.

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Contacts Search

The contact search view of 

QsCalendar shows all contacts.

It searches all names in the address book and 

presents the results with contact photo

Touch a contact photo for the details.

The recently viewed in the search view are placed at the top

It can be accessed very easily

QsCalendar creates this 

in the search view automatically.

The blue coloured names in the search are contacts 

which have no birthdays added yet.

When the birthday date is added to the contact, 

the contact will be shown in 

the month calendar automatically.

The Birth Day and Birth Month are required.

The Birth Year is optional, 

if available, age is calculated.

Created for all devices supported by Apple.

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Month Calendar

The birthday view of QsCalendar shows 

the birthdays with contact photo.

It shows all birthdays of the month from 

the current day automatically.

This is the month calendar of QsCalendar.

Touch the month selector to view birthdays 

from January to December.

QsCalendar has the built-in birthday calendar for 50 years.

Touch the year selector to view birthdays 

for the coming years and 

to calculate the interesting ages.

When become kids the age of 18?

Touch on contact photo 

to view contact details:

phone calls, video calls, iMessages and more.

Touch Today

all birthdays of This Month from 

current day are presented, 

all birthdays of This Week are in orange.

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QsCalendar is an awesome invention

QsCalendar is the unique 

contacts photo album of the address book.

QsCalendar designed for everyday to enjoy. 

QsCalendar designed for 

birthdays and celebrations.

QsCalendar is created for 30 languages, 

 60 countries and more.

Created for all devices supported by Apple.



About The Inventor Of QsCalendar: Master Of Science In Electronics, Telecommunication, Data Communication, Software Systems & More Than 20 Years Experiences In Advanced Technologies.