The business world at your fingertips!

QSware Gifts is an integrated system 

for daily contact with friends and family

for birthdays with contact photos, 

for easy to shopping 

and for the celebrations.

QSware Gifts connects with One Touch!

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QSware Gifts is the world class app for the users to enjoy.

QSware Gifts is the world class business platform for the online companies 

and for the local establishments.

The platform connects users and business world with One Touch.

 It's an advanced system.  

It works full automatically.

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The birthday screen of the QSware Gifts app

 It's designed for easy to use. 

It's the unique photo album of the address book.

QSware Gifts shows birthdays with photos automatically

Touch Month Selector of the date picker to show birthday overview.

The users can engage with the business in this platform all the time.

Easy with Today and show Today's birthday with animations.

Show birthdays for This Week in Orange.


Swipe to show the integrated Contacts app.

* * * * *

The online company screen of the QSware Gifts app

Touch the right navigation button to show company.

Touch company to do online business.


The companies are shown according to GPS automatically.

* * * * *

The online map screen of the QSware Gifts app

Swipe to show the company on the map.

Touch pin in map to connect to the company directly.

Show an overview of companies on map.

Press two seconds to drop a pin to get latitude and longitude

Are you the business owner at the location?

Send email with latitude, longitude and your company information.

QSware Tech will contact you to do business

* * * * *

How QSware Gifts platform works?

QSware Gifts app is generic. 

The app is connected to iCloud.

 It uses GPS and iCloud to show companies.

A company which do online business in Europe, want to have a large group of users, QSware Gifts platform set the radius 5000KM for the company. 

All iPhones which have QSware Gifts app installed within this radius will become the customers of the company. It is great for the users to go online shopping with One Touch. It is great for the online company to do business very easily.

At the same time a local business in Amsterdam want to have the local users, QSware Gifts platform set the radius 25KM for the company. The local users are connected to the company. The users can get information or make reservation for celebrations.

When the users with mobile are traveling to a country or to a city, 

they became the customers of the local business at the location. 

This awesome powerful feature enables users, customers and companies 

to connect, to enjoy and to do business dynamically.

QSware Gifts is the community for users, customers and the companies.

QSware Gifts is designed to take the business to the next higher level, 

to connect users with business very easily 

to shoppingto order gifts

to make reservations for the celebration  

or to do any other services.

* * * * *

QSware Gifts is localised for more than 35 languages and regions.

The app will be distributed from the local business partners,

the App Store for the individual user and

 the VPP Store for the volume purchase by companies.

 B2B Apple Volume Purchase Program.

* * * * *

Are you the online business owner or the online business representative and you are interested in QSware Gifts app? 

Please contact for more details: