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Think Different & Make It Easy!

What is QsCalendar?

It's a system app for iPhones & iPads with unique photos,

which connects you with people around you 

with two awesome and powerful inventions!

Created for more than billion devices around the world.

Created for all devices supported by Apple.

Millions of people doing 

the same thing everyday, 

because everyone does it in the same way.

If you think differently, then it's very easy. 

Here is the story.

* * * * *

 QsCalendar presents the unique

contacts photo album 

of the address book.

Touch on Contact Photo to view

 the contact details.

* * * * *

QsCalendar is designed for 

everyday to enjoy.

The contact search of QsCalendar searches 

all contacts in the address book and 

presents the results with contact photo.

The recently viewed are shown 

at the top for easy access.

* * * * *

QsCalendar is designed for 

birthdays and celebrations

The month calendar of QsCalendar uses 

the month selector and 

the birth month to view 

all birthdays with contact photo.

It's the contacts photo album for 

phone calls, video calls and iMessages.

QsCalendar is the unique app with awesome inventions.

Created for all devices supported by Apple.